New API's to Add Custom Data Points

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In the past we have received many requests related to attach some custom data along with every messages collected.

We have added this functionality, and to simplify it, we have come with 3 new APIs

The Alias API

Using this api, its possible to set an alias to the unique user identification used by the debuggify. This make it easy to map a debuggify user identifier to your site username or email id. Remember the old data will not have alias.


Its pretty straight forward to use the above api.

Note Make sure every unique user should be given the one alias to avoid any data inconsistency.

The Metadata API

To attach custom data along with every message

debuggify.metadata({'login': true});

The Attach API

To attach custom data along with a single message. This api need to be called on the logger object

var ajaxErrors = debuggify.Logger.get('ajax_errors');

  type: 'POST',
  url: '/api/notification'

ajaxErrors.error('Error in Notification Api');

After calling attach, it must be followed by the one of the logging Apis like .log, .error, .warn, .debug or .message to push that data to the server.

Note: The attached data will expire after its once used by logging Api’s. To send data with every request use .metadata api

We soon be adding use cases on how to use this APIs more powerfully.